Substitute List


Those listed are members of the Queens Chapter. Placement on this list is not an endorsement of those listed. Substitutes are responsible for providing references and information related to experience or qualifications. Those listed are available for weddings and funerals unless so noted. Members, please email Steven Frank with any changes.


Availability Key


Sat=Available Saturday

Sun=Available Sunday

Week=Available Weekdays

C=Choir Director Only

O=Organist Only

C/O=Choir Director & Organist

++ = Not available for Funerals or Weddings

Experience Key




  NL=Non Liturgical

  OL=Other Liturgical

  RC=Roman Catholic

  RT=Reformed Temple

Language Key






Available Substitutes

Email contact

Is available by clicking on names in color

Limited Availability

Generally Available

Gladys Astor-Philibert H-516-750-8355 O Sat, Sun, Week E,L,OL
Victor V. Bobetsky 718-264-9547 C/O Sat, Sun, Week E, L, NL, OL, RC, RT
Jeanette Cacace H-718-428-4570
C/O Sat, Sun, Week NL, OL
William Gati C-917-886-7779 C/O, Singer Sat, Sun, Week E, L, NL. OL. RC, RT
Ivan Guevara 917-846-8532 C/O Sat am, Week E, RC
Jane Lawson 917-327-6923 C/O, Singer Week E,L,NL,OL,RC,RT; Sp, It, Fr
Cynthia Macias 646-361-6681 C/O Sat, Sun, Week NL, OL, RC
Florence McKinley 718-465-4029


Any time RC, NL
Steven Peterson 718-461-8655 C/O, Singer Sat, Week RC
Robert Vogel 718-727-9864 C/O Sat morning E, L, NL , OL, RC, RT; Gr
Nathalie Wang 646-705-6275 O Sat, Sun, Week E, L, NL, OL, RC
Ellen Wright H-718-625-3903
C-917 693-7158
C/O, Singer Sat, Sun, Week E, L, RC, NL - Fr, G, It, Sp